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INVITATION to attend the official opening of the Architecture Biennale in Venice on 27 August 2012 and join the EFAP as an Ambassador for the EU City



to attend the official opening of the Architecture Biennale in Venice on 27 August 2012 and join the EFAP as an Ambassador for the EU City


It is a great honour to invite you to the Opening Conference of the Architecture Biennale of Venice, on behalf of the President of the Biennale, Mr. Paolo Baratta, and the Curator of the Biennale, Sir David Chipperfield. In connection to the official opening the EFAP will launch a manifesto, called the ‘EU City Program’.


Architecture is an example of the crosscutting nature of a creative industry, being affected by a number of European policies. In particular Creative Europe, the Structural Funds, the Energy efficiency policy, and Horizon 2020, represent an important potential incentive and lever for future cities. Architecture can contribute immensely to regional development and delivery of the European objectives, both in sustainable, economic and social terms and therefore needs extended serious recognition and support. This year the EU members states must create partnerships with the Commission, adopting the Creative Europe Program.


In the ‘EU City Program, we plead for giving allowance to architecture and urban design in all relevant public policies.

Visionary thinking and scientific studies have to become part of the EU’s funding system. The EFAP would like to engage a collective effort of studies and designs that illustrate a future Europe, a Manifesto that aims to impact on the cultural dimension of the cities, as well as on the economy, social cohesion and the environment, to deliver how architecture, urban planning, landscaping can play a key role as economic stimulus for competitiveness of cities as well as population’s cultural enrichment and quality of life.


We hope for your presence at this major event in Venice, meeting together with more than 55 countries and thousands of experts, media and professionals to deliver a message for the future of Europe!


Rob Docter (President of the EFAP-FEPA a.i.s.b.l.)





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Видео и фото репортаж ДУША УЛИЦ. УЧАСТНИКИ:Андрей Чернихов, руководитель «Архитектурной Студии Андрея Чернихова», первый вице-президент МААМ; Ольга Нарт, директор по коммуникациям AFI Development; Олег Быков, Urban Group; Петр Виноградов, Архбюро А2; Александра Абаимова, RDI; Сергей Сизый, основатель школы светодизайна LiDS;Геннадий Чистяков, начальника отдела Главгосэкспертизы России; Юрий Виссарионов, архбюро «Юрия Виссарионова»; Алексей Комов, Экс-главный архитектор г. Евпатория; Павел Сонин, Архбюро CPRD, основатель АрхКоворкинг-центра МОСМА;Гай Имз, основатель Совета по экологическому строительству в России RuGBC; Сергей Цыцин, Архитектурная Мастерская Цицина, АМЦ; Олжас Кузембаев, Архбюро Т. Кузембаева; Алексей Белоусов, коммерческий директор CapitalGroup; Петр Кирилловский, директор по маркетингу Barkli; Эрик Валеев, Архбюро IQ studio